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Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog 2023-24


Barbara Baldwin                                 Development and Finance Assistant

Sara Bedaweth                                   Executive Assistant to the President

Faysha Crosbie                                  Academic Services and Facilities Coordinator

John Dechant                                     Director of Library and Archives

Tomo Hilbo                                               Graphic Designer

Kierstin Homblette Allen                   Beloved Conversations Program Director

Elena Jimenez                                    Registrar

Kate Lassiter                                       Senior Director of Lifelong Learning

Sarah Levine                                       Assistant Director of Library and Archives

Pamela Lightsey                                 Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Andy Nosal                                          IT Manager

Michelle Novak                                    Donor Relations Specialist

Elías Ortega                                        President

Philip Peña                                         Vice President of Finance and Administration

Joey Rodil                                           Senior Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

Tandi Rogers                                       Director of Spiritual Direction Program

Greta Jo Seidohl                                Recruitment and Admissions Specialist

Bradley Sterrenberg                           Controller

J. Taylor                                              Senior Director of Contextual Ministry

Amy Wilson                                         Content Creation Assistant

Chloë Westerfield                               Marketing and Communications Officer

Eileen Wiviott                                      School Chaplain

Meadville Lombard Wiggin Library
180 N. Wabash Ave.
Suite 625 
Chicago, IL 60601

Library and Archives Phone: 312-546-6488        Library Email:        Archives Email: