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Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog 2023-24


The Certificate in Theological Studies offers students the opportunity to complete graduate theological coursework in a seminary setting but outside the context of a degree program. In the certificate program, students can select their own coursework based on their interests and vocational or avocational goals. This program is appropriate for laypeople or others seeking theological education, or those who want to build on prior theological study.

To receive a Certificate in Theological Studies, students must complete 12 credits and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. This program can be completed in a single semester or spread across multiple terms, and is appropriate for those students who plan to take a single course each term. Students are expected to meet standards of academic and non-academic conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.

To complete the Certificate, a student can choose to do a concentration, or they can select any four courses (12 credits) for a general Certificate without a concentration.

Concentrations are available in the following areas:

  • Theology
    • Required – Constructive Theology
    • Two courses in Theology or Ethics
    • One elective
  • History
    • Required – History of Global Christianity
    • Two courses in History
    • One elective
  • Faith Formation
    • Required – Pedagogy for Social Change: Method is the Message
    • Two courses in Faith Formation
    • One elective
  • Pastoral Care
    • Required – Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
    • Required  Healthy Boundaries for Leaders
    • One course in Pastoral Ministry
    • One elective

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