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Using Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials

Hierarchical Scripture Authority

Find articles on specific passages from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament using the Atla Hierarchical Scripture Authority. To open the Scripture Authority, select "Scriptures" from the top left menu once signed in to Atla. 

"Scriptures" button top menu of Atla

A hierarchical index of all books from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament will display. Select to expand any book, then chapter, then verse to narrow down to the specific passage you would like articles about. You can also look at articles at the book or chapter level by clicking the hyperlinked titles in lieu of using the expand options.

Scripture Search with "Expand" selected for Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1

With the passage specified, Atla will display articles about that passage. The results will include articles on verses usually studied together with the verse selected, giving users an idea of the emphasis of scholarship on a given passage.

See the Refining Search Results section of this guide for guidance on limiting your results and accessing articles.

Using Advanced Search

Search for articles about Bible passages without using the Hierarchical Scripture Authority menu by entering a scripture citation in an Advanced Search, surrounded by quotation marks. 

Advanced Search with search term "Numbers 4:25"

If desired, use the additional search fields to add other scripture citations to locate articles that connect two related passages:

Advanced Search with results for "Exodus 22:21" AND "Deuteronomy 10:19"

Alternatively, enter a topical keyword in a second search field to narrow the focus of article results:

Advanced Search with search terms "numbers 4" AND "census"

Identifying Common Scripture Groupings

In the study of the Bible, certain verses or passages are frequently studied in groups that appear across the scholarship. Atla can help identify those groupings with its Indexes. To access the Indexes, select it from the "More" dropdown in the top menu:

Atla menu with "Indexes" selected from the "More" drop-down menu

Select "Bible Citation" from the Index dropdown menu and enter the book or chapter of the Bible you are researching, then select "Browse":

Browse the Bible Citations Index

Use checkboxes to select one or more citation terms from the list to add to your search. If adding more than one, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate Boolean operator (and, or, not) to relate the terms. Selecting "or" will return the most results. Select the orange "Search" button to run the search.

Add search terms to a Browse of Biblical Citations Index

Search results for a search of Biblical Citations Index for "matthew 25:1 - 25:13"

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