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Library and Archive Policies


This section describes how the physical Wiggin Library space can be used by patrons. 

General Space Polices

  • Outside of posted open hours, the library door will be kept locked at all times.
  • The library encourages students and staff to take advantage of the library space as a place to work individually or in small groups.
  • All patrons are expected to respect the library space and resources, and to respect the right of other users to work in a quiet, clean, and peaceful atmosphere. Due to the limited amount of space in the library, the library prioritizes student and course-related use of space.

Food and Drink

Limited food and drink are allowed in the library space. Drinks must have lids and be kept sealed if not being used. Light snacks are allowed with the expectation of maintaining a quiet and clean study environment. Restrictions to food and drink being brought into the library are at the discretion of library staff on duty. All food and drink must be kept off the worktables or study carrels if library materials are being used.

Computers and WiFi

  • Patrons may use the public WiFi in the library for computers and mobile devices. 
  • If available, students can check out iPad to use while in the library

Printers and Copiers

  • Patrons are allowed to use the library printer to print a reasonable number of pages at no cost.
  • A scanner is available for patron use for non-archival items. 

Individual or Group Workspace

Individuals or small groups may use any of the library’s workspaces and do not need to make a reservation to do so when using the library during Intensives open hours. Outside of open hours, anyone who needs to use the library should contact library staff to reserve space. 

Class Space

Faculty members are encouraged to make use of the library space during class time. The library can be used as a break-out space for classes and has enough room for entire classes to meet in small groups. At least 24 hours before the space is needed, faculty members should contact library staff to reserve the space. Requests for in-class library use may be approved on a first come, first served basis.

Meeting Space for Faculty and Staff

Library space can be used for faculty or staff meetings when other spaces are not available. The library prioritizes the needs of students and other researchers. Faculty and staff holding meetings in the library should expect that students may be using the library as a workspace. Students working on class assignments may be asked to relocate to another spot in the library but may not be asked to leave the library. Faculty and staff must schedule meeting use in the library with library staff at least two days before the meeting. A member of the Library staff will be available at the meeting’s start time to give the attendees access to the library. The library door will be kept locked at all times, unless the meeting is during the library’s posted open hours.

Student Groups

Student groups can schedule time in the library. All requests must be placed through Student Affairs.

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