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Library Support For Faculty Teaching : In-Class Library Instruction

Library staff can provide tailored instruction to students in your class, either in-person in Chicago during Intensives or online through Zoom. Most sessions last 30 minutes, but we can customize sessions to meet the needs of the course.

Library Resource Instruction

The most common in-class instruction library staff provides is a session focused on using library resources, tailored for the needs of the course. For example, in a Biblical Studies course, we will emphasize print and digital resources useful for the study of the Bible. We can work with you to stress any specific resources or themes you feel are important. During Intensives, this instruction often occurs in the library itself, but we can also come to your classroom as well. To schedule an instruction session, email the library at

Archive Instruction

For classes that include historical research, archive staff can provide in-person instruction on finding and using archival material, handling historical documents and contextualizing and understanding primary sources. For both in-person and online classes, archive staff can provide instruction on using the Meadville Lombard Digital Archives. 

Research Methods Instruction

In addition to instruction about using library resources, we can also incorporate instruction related to research methodologies. We will work closely with you to align our instruction with the goals for your class and the research assignment. To schedule an instruction session, email the library at

Citation and Copyright Instruction

Library staff can also provide citation instruction, either as a stand-alone session or as part of another instruction session. Generally, we cover the Chicago Manual of Style, but we can also provide instruction for APA or MLA.

For classes that involve worship, preaching, and other forms of public communication, we can provide instruction regarding how to navigate copyright law in those contexts. 

To schedule an instruction session, email the library at

Digital Security and Privacy Instruction

For classes with emphasis on activism, organizing, or pastoral care (which often requires private digital communication), library staff can introduce students to best practices for private and secure digital communication.  To schedule an instruction session, email the library at

Talk with a Librarian

If you have any questions, just ask! Librarians are here to help.

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