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Using Ebooks

EBSCOhost Ebooks

Some ebooks found in the Wiggin Library catalog are accessed using the EBSCOhost Ebooks platform. For these ebooks, the link found under "View It" in item record will say "EBSCOhost Ebooks." The interface is nearly the same as is used for Atla Religion Database for journal articles. If you've already signed in to the online catalog, clicking the "EBSCOHost Ebooks" link will automatically open the item in EBSCOhost - if not you will be prompted to sign in using your Populi login information. 

Select the "PDF Full Text" or "EPUB Full Text" link to open the full ebook in the online reader. Or, select the "Table of Contents" link to jump to the table of contents and open the ebook to a particular chapter:

EBSCOHost ebook record with links to the PDF and a table of contents.

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Tools menu in an ebook item record in EBSCOHost

Tools Menu

Use the Tools menu to the left of an ebook's item record to perform the following actions:

1. Add to folder: Select the file folder "Add to Folder" icon to save the ebook to a research folder. Saved resources can be accessed by selecting the filled "Folder" icon in the top right menu.

2. Print: Select the printer "Print" icon to print (or print to PDF) the ebook's citation in a generic format, or a specific citation style. This is just the citation, not the full text ebook.

3. E-mail: Select the envelope "E-mail" icon to e-mail yourself or a colleague the ebook's citation. If the e-mail doesn't arrive, check your junk/spam folder as these e-mails sometimes get routed there.

4. Save: Select the floppy disk "Save" icon to save the ebook's citation in a generic format, or a specific citation style. This is just the citation and a permalink, not the full ebook. 

5. Cite: Select the document "Cite" icon to view and copy/paste the ebook citation in any standard citation format.

6. Export: Select the arrow "Export" icon to save or export the ebook citation directly to a citation manager.

7. Create Note: Select the post-it "Create Note" icon to add and save a note to the detailed record. Notes can be printed along with the citation.     

8. Permalink: Select the chain link "Permalink" icon to generate and copy/paste a persistent link to the ebook record.


PDF Online Reader

Read articles ebooks from EBSCOhost in the PDF online reader, or make use of the menus in the reader to download, make notes, print, or save selections of the ebook:

EBSCOHost PDF online reader actions menu

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Table of Contents in PDF online reader for navigation and direct download of chapters



By default the table of contents appears to the left of the ebook from which you can navigate reading online, or download chapters directly by selecting the downward arrow icon next to the desired chapter. 

Select "Search within" to search for terms within the text of the ebook. Or, select "My Notes" to view and/or print notes you've taken on the ebook.







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Page Limits - Saving, Printing, and Downloading

Depending on permissions set by an EBSCOhost ebook's publisher, there may be per session limits to the number of pages you may save or print. This is typically set at 100 pages, and will be indicated with a counter set when the "Save," "Print," or "Download" is selected from the top or left menus. Pay attention to these limits - you may need to reopen the ebook as needed if the per session limit is insufficient for your needs. 

Popups with page limits for saving to PDF, printing to PDF, and downloading chapters

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Reference Ebooks

There are many reference ebooks available in the online catalog, including Cambridge Companions, Cambridge Histories, Oxford Handbooks Online - Religion, and Routledge Religion Handbooks. Like other ebooks, these reference resources will include a link out to their particular online reading interface from their catalog record (found under "Get It" beneath "Full text availability). For more information on companions and handbooks, see the Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Reference Resources guide. 

Listings for electronic reference works in the online catalog with thumbnails

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