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Using the Online Catalog

Top Menu Icons

Search History icon

Select the Search History icon to view search history for the current session. This is especially useful for complex search sessions using Advanced Search.

Favorites icon

Go directly to your saved records and saved queries by selecting the Favorites icon. Search history is also viewable from the My Favorites page that opens.

Send To Menu

Send To menu

Whenever you open an item record, several options are available in the Send To menu that can make doing sustained research easier. Each icon described also appears in the results list and can be selected without opening the item record. Select multiple records from the results list to perform these actions in bulk.

Send To menu with

If you are using a citation management tool, download the item record in the appropriate encoding format.

Send To menu with

Print the full item record - either physically or save to PDF. 

Send To menu with

Generate a permalink for use in a works cited, to share with others, or save to re-open at a later date.

Send To menu with

Generate a citation for an item in Chicago/Turabian (16th edition), APA (6th edition), or MLA (8th edition). You can copy the citation and paste directly into a works cited. However, remember to check your citations for accuracy before including them in your work to avoid errors in your final product.

Send To menu with

Email yourself or someone else a link to this item record. The email will list the item title, author, date of publication, and call number in addition to a link back to the catalog.

Search-based Suggested Resources

Meadville Lombard librarians have set up the catalog to return suggested resources based on your search terms to help guide your research. For example, doing a search for any book of the Old and New Testaments or the word "bible" will suggest Oxford Biblical Studies Online.

Search bar with suggestion "Unitarian Universalist Dictionary of Biography"

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Save Favorites

The catalog offers many opportunities to save both item records and search queries, wherever you see the push-pin:   Favorites icon

Search results marked to add to Favorites

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1. Save a search query to be able to perform the same search later. When you select "Save Query" you area also given the option to turn on alerts for this query, so you are a sent an email when there is an update to the query with additional results. This is an excellent option for a sustained research project for which you want to know when new items on your topic have been added to the Wiggin and/or I-Share catalogs.

2. Select items from the results list using the numbered checkboxes and click this push-pin to add multiple records to your favorites at once.

3. Add items to your favorites individually using the push-pin to the right of the title. The push-pin is also visible when you open the record and can be selected to add the item to your favorites.

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