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Thesis & Project Guide: Home

Thesis & Project Requirements

  • It should have about 60-75 pages of content; with front matter, abstract, bibliography, etc., it should not exceed 100 pages.
  • It must be formatted and cited according to Chicago Style.
  • If you wish to have your project printed and bound in a book, it must have a 1.5 inch margins on the left side (to make room for binding); for more detailed formatting requirements, check out the Writing & Formatting tab
  • Final, pre-oral defense drafts are due by March 10 (for spring graduation) or three weeks before your defense, whichever comes first
  • Final, post-defense copies are due no later than April 1 (see the Defending & Submitting tab for more details)
  • It should have about 30-40 pages of content written in double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font (click on the Writing & Formatting tab for more specific information, including templates)
  • It must be formatted and cited using footnotes and a bibliography according to The Chicago Manual of Style's Notes-Bibliography style (see our Citation Guide for help).
  • The penultimate draft is due to your advisor in mid-March.  You must consult with your advisor for any exact date!
  • You must make your final submission before commencement.

If you are preparing an MAR Project, consult with your thesis advisor about how to package your work.  While an MAR Project may involve the use of multimedia, you will likely still be expected to prepare a short written statement about your Project.

Theses & Dissertation Repositories

One of the best ways to learn about what makes a good thesis or project is to read other theses, projects, and dissertations.  Below are links to theses and dissertation repositories.  If you come in person to the Wiggin Library, you can explore more than 100 years' worth of Meadville Lombard projects, theses, and dissertations!

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