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Herstory Tablecloth

This guide represents the digitized contents of the informational binder accompanying the Herstory Tablecloth, entitled "UU Women's Tablecloth, 1980-2005." It includes a dedication from Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove, the history of the tablecloth's creation and care written by Rev. Carolyn Owen-Towle, a list of the women minister signatories, a list of embroiderers, a list of donors to the first exhibition at Meadville Lombard, and a selection of detail photographs. Each section is available for individual download, or the entire binder contents can be downloaded from the link on this page. 

The Herstory Tablecloth is part of the Heresies Special Collection at Meadville Lombard Archives and Special Collections. Visit the Heresies website for more information about the special collection or email with questions.

Front cover

Front cover of binder

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For purposes of archival citations, the formal name of the Meadville Lombard Archives is "Archives and Special Collections, Meadville Lombard Theological School." The Herstory Tablecloth is collection number MLTS.US.7027. The binder is from box 2 of the collection. Contact for specific identification numbers of individual images from the digitized binder.

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