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How to Read for Grad School

All instruction guides for digital resources from the Wiggin Library have a section noting accessibility options for the service being described. Below are the accessibility sections of our most used resources:

  • Ebooks in the Online Catalog
  • Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials
  • JSTOR Religion and Theology
  • Oxford Handbooks

Ebooks in the Ebook Central

To adjust accessibility settings, select "Profile" from the Settings drop-down in the top menu bar:

"Profile" selected from the "Settings" drop-down menu at the top of Ebook Central.

Scroll to the bottom of your profile and use the radio buttons to turn Accessibility Mode on or off. In Accessibility Mode pages of books are presented in text, and images and links are labeled for screen reader use. There is also the option to select the checkbox for OpenDyslexic font to be used in Ebook Central. 

Accessibility Mode options menu in Profile

Some features of the online reader are removed when Accessibility Mode is turned on. The top menu in the online reader has the following options with Accessibility Mode on: 

Menu in online reader when Disability Mode is enabled with options for: "Full Download," "Chapter Download," "Print to PDF," "Add to Bookshelf," "Share Link," and "Get Citation."

1. Select the downward arrow "Full Download" icon to download the entire ebook. Depending on the license for the ebook, the full download will either be a regular PDF or will be electronically "borrowed" for 21 days before the file is recalled.

2. Select the PDF "Chapter Download" icon to download the chapter currently being viewed. The download will begin at the page being displayed through the end of the chapter, so navigate to the beginning of that chapter if you'd like to download it in its entirety. See the Download Chapter section of this guide for details on per patron per day limits on downloading and printing.

3. Select the printer "Print to PDF" icon to save a selection as a PDF. A prompt will appear with options to print to PDF the current page, a range of pages, or the current chapter. Your current printing and download maximum will be listed - see the Print to PDF section of these guide for details.

4. Select the plus sign "Add to Bookshelf" icon to add the ebook to your personal digital bookshelf - similar to a "My Favorites." See the Managing Your Bookshelf section of this guide for more details.

5. Select the chain link "Share Link" icon to bring up a stable URL to the page of the ebook displayed to share with others or save for yourself.

6. Select the quotation mark "Get Citation" icon to generate a citation for the ebook in any of the major citation formats. There is also an option to export to a citation manager.

Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials


Articles that are available in Atla as HTML Full Text can be read aloud using the text-to-speech feature. Articles in the results list will feature this icon/link if HTML is an option: HTML Full Text icon

To use Text-To-Speech:

1. Locate an article in HTML format which you would like read to you.

2. From the "Accent" drop-down menu, select an accent in which you would like the article to be read.

Text-to-Speech - Choose an Accent

3. Click the gear "Settings" icon Settings Icon to set your Reading Speed and Highlighting Options. Adjustable settings include speed of reading, text highlighting and color options, enhanced text visibility, and automatic scrolling.

4. Click the "Listen" button to hear the article read outloud.


   Click the down arrow "Download" button Download MP3 button to download an MP3 file of the article being read to your computer.

To have just a selection of an article read, highlight the desired passage of text. A new mini-toolbar appears. Click the "Listen" button on the mini-toolbar to hear the passage read.

Text-to-Speech - highlighting text

To download Text-to-Speech MP3 files, select the down arrow "Download" button to open or save the file to your computer.

Text-to-Speech - Downloading an MP3

Screen Reader's User Guide

Full-text articles in Atla are generally available as PDF documents. "Accessing PDF Documents with Assistive Technology: A Screen Reader's User Guide" offers instructions and advice for using these documents from Adobe Accessibility.

Accessibility Navigation Guide

View the EBSCOhost Accessibility Navigation Guide to access:

  • Tips for navigating in EBSCOhost (the host platform for Atla Religion Database)
  • Tips for Basic Search
  • Tips for Advanced Search
  • Tips for using screen readers with PDF or EPUB documents
  • Links to specific screen reader documentation

JSTOR Religion and Theology

JSTOR uses PDF as the primary file type for resources and they work to ensure that their image-based PDF files are accessible and can be read with screen readers like JAWS. These files are tagged for the JSTOR website using an automated process. In the event that a PDF is not tagged to the specifications of your screen reader, JSTOR can perform manual tagging for you. They will also re-format PDFs if they're unreadable via screen reader. 

For further details and instructions regarding accessibility, see these articles via JSTOR Support:

Oxford Handbooks Online

Oxford Handbooks Online is continuously working to improve accessibility to their resources, with . Visit the Accessibility page of Oxford's site to view a log of those improvements. Oxford is currently targeting adherence to level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1), in order to help users take full advantage of the accessibility features provided by their device, browser, or operating system. Areas currently identified for improvement include:

  • Fully support keyboard operability
  • Properly structure site focus
  • Increase visibility of focused elements
  • Improve how elements are read out by screen readers
  • Improve our provision of alt text
  • Improve the usability of dynamic content such as dropdowns and filters for screen readers
  • Ensure all form fields labels are meaningful
  • Correct or remove invisible links
  • Add captions to tables where they are missing

Updated September 9, 2020

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