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Digitized UUA Congregational Records


The resources below provide advanced searches directly within ContentDM, our digital archive repository. For most users, we recommend using JSTOR for its simpler browsing interface.  

Keyword Search

A keyword search will return any archival material  in which the search term is used within the item itself or within the metadata describing the material. 

Search by Denominational Affiliation

Original Denominational Affiliation describes which religious body the item’s creator(s) were originally aligned with. For Unitarian Universalist congregations or individuals within the Unitarian Universalist community, this can be the American Unitarian Association, the Universalist Church of America, or the Unitarian Universalist Association. This is a great deal to do with chronology, whether the congregation came to be or an individual came to prominence before or after the Unitarian and Universalist merger in 1961.

Search by Congregation Type

Congregation Type indicates whether the congregation was originally founded as a congregation or fellowship. 

Search by Subject (topical)

Subject (topical) describes what the item or items are about. This is the general topic or subject of the material.

Search by Genre/Form

Genre/Form describes what the item is in terms of physicality or purpose, as opposed to what the item is about. These terms describe a combination of the form (a characteristic of works with a particular format and/or purpose) and the genre (categories characterized by themes) into a single descriptive term. For example, “Orders of service” from a congregation have a particular format that reflects their use and cover common themes for religious communities.

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