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What are the Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities involves utilizing digital technology to research, analyze, teach, and exhibit traditional humanities topics.  This guide is meant to be a hub for resources for MLTS faculty, students, and staff interested in finding resources and learning more about this new and emerging field.

If you need help with a DH platform or tool, or want to schedule consultation on DH research, then click here to make an appointment with John!

Copyright & Using Digital Sources

If a database or archives has made digital content available online, you of course can study, quote, and reference the items for a paper or project (just make sure to cite them!).  However, if you want to upload and reproduce the items for a digital humanities exhibit project, then you can only do so if:

If you are reproducing a copyrighted item, whether under the copyright holder's written permission, under the terms of a Creative Commons license, or for "Fair Use," you must include a rights statement with the item, noting who holds the copyright and that you are reproducing the item with their permission.

For more information, including what constitutes Fair Use, see our Copyright Guide.

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