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Using the Open Access Digital Theological Library

Results List Attributes


1. Select the resource's title to expand and enlarge view of the record. 

2. Results include content type, peer review status (if applicable), abstract, and basic bibliographic information: author, publication, publication date. Content type will indicate whether the resource can be downloaded versus being viewed online. 

3. Select the blue "View Full Text" button to open the resource in a new window. Depending on the publisher or source, the interface for viewing will be different. Typically, a publisher's webpage will open with a link to open the entire article, journal issue, or ebook and/or sections and chapters. Some resources will be available to download in full text.

4. Select the "Cite" button to generate a citation in one of the major citation styles to either copy/paste or export to a citation manager. Always proofread citations before including them in your work. Pay close attention to capitalization and the formatting of names and pages and note that the generated citation may indicate missing data that you need to insert in order to complete your citation. 

5. Select the "Link" button to generate a stable URL to the resource to copy/paste and share.

6. Select the "E-mail" button to e-mail yourself or a colleague the article's record from the OADTL. If the e-mail doesn't arrive, check your junk/spam folder as these e-mails sometimes get routed there.

7. Select the "Save" button to save the record to a "My Items" list. However, this saved list will only remain for your current session.

Interfaces Outside the OADTL

The OADTL curates open access resources, but does not have its own interface for viewing items. Instead, users follow links out to publishers' websites and other platforms that host open access resources. Depending on the source, you will either be able to read items online or be prompted to download a file. If there is an issue with a resource (the link isn't functional or download does not work), contact for assistance.

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