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Using JSTOR Religion and Theology

This Guide

This Libguide will cover using the JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection database. The JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection has an intuitive basic search interface, but by using the advanced features described in this guide you will be able to refine your searching and identify the best resources for your research needs.

Student or Faculty Login Required

Why Use JSTOR Religion and Theology

The JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection provide access to academic journals and books concerning the history and philosophy of religion. While there is some overlap with the journal coverage in Atla Religion Database, the JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection contains unique journal titles unavailable in the Atla Religion Database. Like Atla, JSTOR Religion and Theology provides access to both full-text articles and abstracts. Unlike Atla, it also incorporates book chapters, reports, and primary source content. JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection is an excellent supplement to Atla Religion Database. 

Access JSTOR Religion and Theology

To get started, select the green "Start Using JSTOR Religion" button at the top of this page or from the the Article and Journals LibGuideMeadville Lombard students, faculty and staff are then prompted to sign in to JSTOR using their Populi login information. If you are already signed in to Populi or a library service that uses those login credentials, you may be automatically signed in to JSTOR.

If you've signed in successfully, you will see "Access provided by Meadville Lombard Theological School." In order to use JSTOR's Workspace feature for saving resources you will also need to create a free, personal JSTOR account - "Register" and "Log In" links are visible in the upper right corner of the JSTOR site. 

JSTOR logo                                                    Log in popup screen prompting Populi username and password

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