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iPad Kits: FAQ

Useful information about the iPad kits available from the Wiggin Library for current Meadville Lombard students.

Using the iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own Apple ID, can I use it on the iPad?

  • No. Only the Meadville account connected to the iPad can be used. 

I have an app I want to install, can I?

  • At this time, no. However, if there is an application that you feel would be useful to students, we can look into adding it to the iPads. 

How do I view article PDFs in EBSCOhost/Atla Religion Database? 

  • When viewed on the iPad, the PDF icon that links to the full text article is hidden by default when viewing the item record. To make the icon visible, select the double arrow tab that appears to the left of the article title:

Screenshots: click double arrows to reveal the PDF link to articles in EbscoHost and Atla

Click to enlarge

It's time to return my iPad Kit, but I can't find the charging cable and my dog chewed up the Apple Pencil. What happens now?

  • Details of your responsibility for lost or broken iPad Kits are outlined in the borrower agreement signed before checking it out:
    • Patrons will be responsible for the full replacement cost should they not return an iPad kit. If individual components are missing upon return the patron will be responsible for the replacement of those item(s). A hold will be placed on the patron’s library account until fines are paid or the kit returned.

    • If the iPad itself is damaged, the patron will be responsible for any repairs not covered by AppleCare. 

    • Damage fines will be assessed if the kit is returned with broken components. The amount will vary from full replacement cost to replacement cost for specific parts (i.e. just the charger is broken).

Will I be charged if I'm late returning my iPad Kit?

  • Patrons with an overdue iPad kit (7+ days) will have a block will be placed on their library account and full replacement fines assessed. Fines will be waived if the kit is subsequently returned in a reasonable amount of time and in full working order.
  • Prospective graduates who borrow an iPad Kit in their last semester must return it by the same date as all books must be returned and fines paid before commencement. This due date is typically 2 weeks before commencement. Fines will be assessed and students with a outstanding balance will be reported to the Business Office and the Registrar. Students will be restricted from graduating until outstanding balances are paid and/or the iPad Kit is returned.

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