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Board Games and Tarot Cards: Home

In addition to our extensive print book collection, Wiggin Library also has a selection of tarot cards and board games available to borrow. At this time these items are not listed in the online catalog but can be browsed on this guide or in the Library. Eligible patrons can request to borrow tarot cards and board games in person at the Wiggin Library circulation desk or by email to

Tarot cards and board games are reserved for graduate student use during on-campus week course week and can be borrowed for 48 hours. These items are not eligible to circulate by mail.

Tarot Cards

Board Games

Learning Curve (LC) Ratings

Each game is followed by an Learning Curve Rating in parentheses that indicates its level of difficulty for new players:

  • Low LC
  • Medium LC
  • High LC






  • Mixed bags of polyhedral dice (5 sets)
  • Decks of cards (4 sets)

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