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Using Oxford Handbooks Online

Navigating and Searching Within Handbooks

Table of Contents

Handbook table of contents with sections and chapters hyperlinkedEach Handbook can be navigated using its table of contents.

Use the plus ("+") and minus ("-") signs to expand or minimize each section of the table of contents to reveal the articles. Depending on the length and breadth of the article opened, there may also be an "In This Article" menu to jump to particular sections of the article.

"In This Article" contents listing with sections hyperlinked

Search Within Handbook

Use the "Search Within" search box to look for terms in the text of a handbook:

"Search within" search box to find terms within a handbook or article

After selecting the orange magnifying glass button to run the search, results will be listed with the search term(s) highlighted. Open an article from the Handbook by selecting its title:

Search results with the search term highlighted

Saving, Printing, and Emailing

Reading Online

There are options to save, print, or email at the Handbook and article level - the same menu appears in the upper right of the page:

Action menu while viewing a handbook or article

1. Select the printer "Print" icon when viewing a Handbook's home page to print the abstract and bibliographic information. Select the printer "Print" icon when viewing an article to print the article in its entirety, including bibliography or works cited.

2. In order to use the floppy disk "Save" icon to save a Handbook or article you must create and sign in to a personal profile, separate from being logged in with your Populi credentials to access Meadville's resources. Link to Personal Profile: Sign in or Create

"Save this entry" popup to add new tags to a saved handbook or articleOnce signed in to a personal profile account, select the floppy disk "Save" icon  to save the item to your Content folder and add tag terms if desired. To view your saved content, either hover over "My Content" or select "My Work" from the top menu bar to view.



"My Work" link in top menu of Oxford Handbooks Online when signed in to an individual account

3. Select the envelope "Email" icon to send a link to the Handbook or article to a colleague or yourself.

4. Hover over the plus sign "Share" icon to share the Handbook or article to social media or send through an external email service."Share" drop-down menu: options are Facebook, Twitter, or Email






View PDF

Alternatively, open an article using the "View PDF" link and save, print, or email that file.

"View PDF" link

Cross-reference Links

Hyperlinked keywords can be found throughout the Handbooks and their articles to connect to related Oxford content. The related content may include resources not within the Religion subject area to which Meadville Lombard has access, so make sure to refine the search to limit results to "Unlocked" or "Free":

Hyperlinked keywords listed for a handbook




Keywords for a Handbook






Hyperlinked keywords listed for an article




Keywords for an article

Works Cited, References, and Suggested Reading

Articles in Oxford Handbooks all include a section with references, variously titled as Works Cited, References, or Bibliography. Some articles also include a selection of Suggested Reading. A good research strategy is to identify and read pertinent articles in Oxford Handbooks, and then mine the references section for additional resources to seek out. Search for articles in Meadville Lombard's journal databases or books in the online catalog. If an article you need is not available in full text from one of the databases, email with the bibliographic details to request an Interlibrary Loan.

An article bibliography

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