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Poetry Month 2021: Home


April is the cruelest.. wait wrong poem. April is Poetry Month! To celebrate it this year, we want to lift up the poets among our alums. Meadville Theological School, Lombard College, and Meadville Lombard Theological School, all share a rich history of poetry. Our most famous alum poet is Carl Sandburg, who attended Lombard College for two years before, as poets are want to do, dropping out of school to find adventure.  As part of Poetry Month, we asked our alums to submit recordings of them reading their poetry so you can not just read their words, but hear their voices. Below, you will find audio and video recordings of our recent alums reading their poems in addition to links to purchase their books.  

Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons- "Imbolc Blessing"

Rev. Theresa Soto- "rest now"

Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael- “Baptized”

Rev. Dr. David Breeden- "The Road Always Taken"

Rev. Theresa Soto- "Jacob's ladder"

Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael- “A Child Died and We Chose Sides”

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