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Using Oxford Handbooks Online

Benefits of Browsing

Browsing available Oxford Handbooks can be a useful strategy, especially at the beginning of a research project. With 90+ Handbooks to choose from, browsing the titles may help guide you towards a topic by offering a high level snapshot of areas of scholarship in the study of religion and its sub-disciplines. 

Tabbed view of search results by Article and by Book

Browsing Handbooks by Title

Handbook titles are brief, descriptive, and excellent for browsing. Selecting a Handbook to explore can offer a high-level overview of a particular topic as well as reveal the major scholars in the field who've authored the containing articles.

By default Handbooks are sorted alphabetically by title, but you also have the option to re-order them based on the title, author/editor, print publication date, or online publication date. 

"Sort by" drop-down menu to reorder search results

For quicker browsing, adjust the results view using the options from the menu above the results list:

Brief View

Search results displayed in "Brief View"

Medium View (default)

Search results displayed in "Medium View"

Full View

Search results displayed in "Full View"

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