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Global Religions (T/E432): Course Reserves

Resources for Global Religions (T/E432), Spring 2022

Course Description

Religion plays a major role in human affairs. To understand more fully the nature of the relationship between society and the individual, it is essential to have some understanding of religion. This Global Religions course is a religious studies immersion class that engages students in the study of religionfrom the perspective of major non-Western and Western traditions through course dialogues that are undergirded by the fields of history, theology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, and psychology. This course will examine the history of the world’s larger religious traditions, including origins, development in particular societies, and modern forms. This course will explore the formal doctrines of various religions, as well as popular cultural manifestations. Topics will include the role of religion in state formation, nationalism, and colonialism, as well as how religions adapt themselves to local cultures and societies as they spread across regions. The course is designed to be highly interactive, experiential, and dialogical. It will include student presentations, multimedia, and robust discussions with diverse religious practitioners, as well as readings, lectures and discussion. This course offers students the unique opportunity to study the “world religions” in a microcosm of our globalizing, multifaith world, with colleagues (matriculated and international, and visiting students, from around the world) from diverse national and religious cultures. [from syllabus]

Global Religions (T/E432)

Course Reserves Policies

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